Have you watched south park’s insecurity episode

I just saw the south parks episode on home security systems and the ridiculousness about it.If you havent watched it you might consider having a look.It is quite fascinating.The show have com up with good episodes and if you want to know about them at spaeps.It starts with the men of South Park believe the postman UPS is sleeping with their wives so hit him. This sets off a craze, everyone wants the best security system for their home, everyone is insecure.Gerald and Sheila do a role play in the bedroom, with Gerald dressed as a UPS man, after seeing a commercial for Cialis . Little did they know, Ike sees them and ends up crying most of the next day, without realizing that the UPS man was, in fact, Gerald. Kyle asks what is wrong, and Ike draws a picture of a UPS man having sex with Sheila.Kyle confesses this to Stan , Kenny and Cartman , who advises him to do about it. Randy overhears the conversation and tells the other men of South Park. After hearing a story of a grim old man in the Bar and Cocktails Skeeter , which compares with a milkman who used to have sex with the wives of the people while making the delivery and says it is “the price that you pay  for the things delivered conveniently at you home” they all grow paranoid believing that UPS deliverymen have sex with all his wives, and begin to spy on the dealer. Randy notes that Sharon could not remember who had asked for packet from Amazon , he signed and is contact between Sharon and the delivery man.People begin to buy excessive security for home, Cartman, particularly is frustraed because man is ringing up to a false alarm  so he tests by hiring a thief to break and rape his mother. By the time a significant response was achieved, it was too late .Despite the increased security, paranoia grows and men consult the old man Shady bar, asked how to get rid of the dealer, he tells them to kill him like they did to the milkman. Dressed in Bane masks enteres the van with handgun and  threaten him.If only the poor guy had a handgun of his own in a secure safe which  be easily bought at amazon or better chosen at safelelo. Unluckily the men cause severe beating to UPS  guy. This takes care more for security, due to the presence of seven Banes instead of one. Everyone buys a security system with improved, “uncertainty” which detects levels of fear and alrms if they get too high Cartman , who is convinced that Kyle stole your headphones inadvertently activated his alarm of insecurity when Kyle tells him that the religion of Judaism is growing.The UPS man after leaving the hospital, continues its deliveries, resulting in his car blown into pieces by Stephen Stotch while Kyle tries to get his mother to confess his “adventure”. The UPS man commits suicide for being so scared. Upon investigation of the house, the police arrives with Geralds UPS uniform , Gerald then hastily explains that he desperately needs to spice up your sex life without using drugs for erection. This activates alarms insecurity of all men.Cartman, tired of false alarms and poor service, is now up for the security man at home.Wearing a Bane mask and carrying a gun he warns him that he should have respected his “authority”.

When the flame goes out – Hobs – Cookers – Gas ovens.


Whether you are in possession of a stove or a gas oven or a kitchen free installation, if fitted with a safety valve and this is bad, when are you going to release the tap knob, the flame will go out.

Most of the time, when the number one  reason responsible for th defect is the thermocouple.

Take for example a stove, each knob has under it a faucet valve that shuts off the gas, and every tap brings the gas to the stove.

When you press the knob and turn it around, the gas flows and the spark ignition turns on the stove, then the flame goes to heat the tc, which is located right next to the stove.It  is connected to the tap and warming energizes the valve mounted inside the tap leaving the gas passage open.If  it fails the valve of the tap is energized but when you release the knob the valve will close the gas flow as a result the flame will go out.

The flame goes out – Replace the tc.

Get the tc, close the gas, turn off the electricity and removing the work surface.

Always use gloves, the sheet metal is very sharp and cutting is a snap.Usually it is fixed with a nut at the burner cup on one side and screwed to the valve on the other side and can be removed with a wrench size 8.

There are various types and they may be fixed in other ways.To understand what tools you need to disassemble it you just watch on the cover.

Find spare parts for any appliance at an authorized service center, you will need to get the model and in some cases even freshman and industrial code before heading into the store.

I usually phone to avoid a ride in a vacuum, so if you do not have the part in stock I say to order it.

I suggest you also get the grout again, when you go to remove the piano work tends to come off and is in poor condition.

Before remounting the work plan tries to turn on the stove to see if it works, be careful not to take the power.

The flame goes out – Causes.

Other reasons for which the flame extinguishes are five:

1) The shaft of the tap does not arrive correctly at the stroke end;

2) The tc is loose.

3.) The flame do not heats it well.

4) The faucet valve is faulty.

5) The faucet is faulty.

The flame is extinguished – Tree faucet.

It usually happens when the stove is new and the ramp (tube) to which the taps are connected is slightly crooked.

Consequently the tap is too low and the knob is prevented by the work plan in completely crushing the shaft of the tap .

To verify, pull the handle and squeeze the shaft of the tap for a few seconds if the flame goes out equally this is not the reason, if it stays on just shim the knob with a paper ball .

In this way it will be more elevated and will not be stopped out by the plan work.

The flame goes out – Tc loose.

In some cases it happens that the tc is loose or from a part of the tap or in the final part of the piece, the visible part.

In both cases we will need to disassemble the work plan and tighten either the part that is screwed to the tap or the nut that the stops at the burner cup.

These two cases are more frequent when the hob is new, so if you are in warranty do not put your  hands and call for service.

The flame goes out – faulty valve.

If you came to this point means that you have already tried to replace the tc and the flame goes out the same way.

The valve is positioned inside the tap, when it is not defective it remains energized and closes the passage of the gas.

I recommend this work only for the most experienced and that they proceed with extreme caution,because if you try to work on the faucet and if you mess something the gas may leak .

If you decide to proceed,the responsibility is yours.

To replace it you will need to remove the work surface, turn off the gas, turn off the power, disconnect it from the tap and unscrew the nut with a wrench.

Inside you’ll find the valve.Simply show it and get it replaced, so everything comeback.

In some cases damage as a spare the whole faucet, you should remove the valve from the faucet again and put it on the old one is easier than replacing the entire faucet.

Before closing a prepare a glass with dish soap and just a dash of water, mixed it with a strong brush to create a foam that you’re going to move on the part of the faucet you have removed.

Open the throttle and see if bubbles form, if nothing happens you can put it back together, but if you see the bubbles swell means that you do not have reassembled the faucet in the correct way.

Dry the foam and try to turn on the stove, if all goes well the recovery plan of work.

The flame goes out – The tc does not heat well.

Especially in gas ovens it may happen that the minimum is set incorrectly and the flame does not touch it to  heats it up well so the flame goes out.

In this case you will need to adjust the idle speed by turning a small screw located on the faucet, you should see it by removing the knob.

In other cases, the minimum is set well but the the tc is defective and causes the shutdown of the oven.

Especially in new ovens it may happen that the tc is positioned poorly and is too far from the burner, In this case just slightly bend the bracket that is attached to the burner.

Again if you are covered by warranty do not get your hands in and call the technician.

The flame goes out – Tap defective.

When the tap is defective it may not insert in the valve and let the shaft of the tap close causing  flame to  extinguish.

Hardly is the entire faucet defective but it happens too, so if you have tried  to change the tc or the valve and the burner shuts down anyway, you’ll have to replace the entire faucet.