When the flame goes out – Hobs – Cookers – Gas ovens.


Whether you are in possession of a stove or a gas oven or a kitchen free installation, if fitted with a safety valve and this is bad, when are you going to release the tap knob, the flame will go out.

Most of the time, when the number one  reason responsible for th defect is the thermocouple.

Take for example a stove, each knob has under it a faucet that shuts off the gas, and every tap brings the gas to the stove.

When you press the knob and turn it around, the gas flows and the spark ignition turns on the stove, then the flame goes to heat the tc, which is located right next to the stove.It  is connected to the tap and warming energizes the valve mounted inside the tap leaving the gas passage open.If  it fails the valve of the tap is energized but when you release the knob the valve will close the gas flow as a result the flame will go out.

The flame goes out – Replace the tc.

Get the tc, close the gas, turn off the electricity and removing the work surface.

Always use gloves, the sheet metal is very sharp and cutting is a snap.Usually it is fixed with a nut at the burner cup on one side and screwed to the valve on the other side and can be removed with a wrench size 8.

There are various types and they may be fixed in other ways.To understand what tools you need to disassemble it you just watch on the cover.

Find spare parts for any appliance at an authorized service center, you will need to get the model and in some cases even freshman and industrial code before heading into the store.

I usually phone to avoid a ride in a vacuum, so if you do not have the part in stock I say to order it.

I suggest you also get the grout again, when you go to remove the piano work tends to come off and is in poor condition.

Before remounting the work plan tries to turn on the stove to see if it works, be careful not to take the power.

The flame goes out – Causes.

Other reasons for which the flame extinguishes are five:

1) The shaft of the tap does not arrive correctly at the stroke end;

2) The tc is loose.

3.) The flame do not heats it well.

4) The faucet valve is faulty.

5) The faucet is faulty.

The flame is extinguished – Tree faucet.

It usually happens when the stove is new and the ramp (tube) to which the taps are connected is slightly crooked.

Consequently the tap is too low and the knob is prevented by the work plan in completely crushing the shaft of the tap .

To verify, pull the handle and squeeze the shaft of the tap for a few seconds if the flame goes out equally this is not the reason, if it stays on just shim the knob with a paper ball .

In this way it will be more elevated and will not be stopped out by the plan work.

The flame goes out – Tc loose.

In some cases it happens that the tc is loose or from a part of the tap or in the final part of the piece, the visible part.

In both cases we will need to disassemble the work plan and tighten either the part that is screwed to the tap or the nut that the stops at the burner cup.

These two cases are more frequent when the hob is new, so if you are in warranty do not put your  hands and call for service.

The flame goes out – faulty valve.

If you came to this point means that you have already tried to replace the tc and the flame goes out the same way.

The valve is positioned inside the tap, when it is not defective it remains energized and closes the passage of the gas.

I recommend this work only for the most experienced and that they proceed with extreme caution,because if you try to work on the faucet and if you mess something the gas may leak .

If you decide to proceed,the responsibility is yours.

To replace it you will need to remove the work surface, turn off the gas, turn off the power, disconnect it from the tap and unscrew the nut with a wrench.

Inside you’ll find the valve.Simply show it and get it replaced, so everything comeback.

In some cases damage as a spare the whole faucet, you should remove the valve from the faucet again and put it on the old one is easier than replacing the entire faucet.

Before closing a prepare a glass with dish soap and just a dash of water, mixed it with a strong brush to create a foam that you’re going to move on the part of the faucet you have removed.

Open the throttle and see if bubbles form, if nothing happens you can put it back together, but if you see the bubbles swell means that you do not have reassembled the faucet in the correct way.

Dry the foam and try to turn on the stove, if all goes well the recovery plan of work.

The flame goes out – The tc does not heat well.

Especially in gas ovens it may happen that the minimum is set incorrectly and the flame does not touch it to  heats it up well so the flame goes out.

In this case you will need to adjust the idle speed by turning a small screw located on the faucet, you should see it by removing the knob.

In other cases, the minimum is set well but the the tc is defective and causes the shutdown of the oven.

Especially in new ovens it may happen that the tc is positioned poorly and is too far from the burner, In this case just slightly bend the bracket that is attached to the burner.

Again if you are covered by warranty do not get your hands in and call the technician.

The flame goes out – Tap defective.

When the tap is defective it may not insert in the valve and let the shaft of the tap close causing  flame to  extinguish.

Hardly is the entire faucet defective but it happens too, so if you have tried  to change the tc or the valve and the burner shuts down anyway, you’ll have to replace the entire faucet.

More stuff on tc here.




An overview of the newest release in series gta 5

Grand Theft Auto V is the new and eagerly awaited installment of the popular
series underworld developed by Rockstar Games, announced in October 2011 and
presented so far through two trailers and a plethora of information in these
months. There were many new promises both in terms of gameplay the game world , which will be much larger than the previous release. GTA V is the
spiritual successor of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Output, price and platforms
The game has been made available in stores from 17 September , also in Italy, gta 5 in  PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 , priced at € 69.90 . Installation will take in both cases at least 8 GB of free space on hard disk. On the Xbox 360 there will be two discs, one of which will be used for the installation and the other one to play,while the PS3 will release a single disc. Currently Rockstar has decided not to issue a copy for the gta 5 PC,although the user is requesting in loud voice , even
through a petition that has already achieved a considerable amount of signatures.
It is not even expected to arrive on PS4 and Xbox One .
The purchase can be done for  a Special Edition and the Collector’s Edition, with
different bonuses including gadgets , virtual items , weapons and exclusive
vehicles .


GTA 5 will be set primarily in the city of Los Santos , inspired by the County of
Los Angeles, with the countryside and the desert around , all fully explored .
Specifically, the map will contain the suburban area of Los Santos , the campaigns
with the surrounding vineyards ( region Grapeseed ), a large area including the
Mount Chiliad , a military base , a vast desert , the region of Alamo Sea , the
region Blaine County and that of  Zancudo River. It will also be possible to
explore the underwater environment and several floors in height . In total , the
entire game world is larger than that of GTA 4 , Read Dead Redemption and GTA :
San Andreas combined, perhaps with a size of over 200 square kilometers .
One  can therefore be say a true ” world ” can be explored in each area
, either on foot or via a good amount of vehicles made ​​available for that
iteration .
The characters
As was the case with previous releases of the series, GTA 5 will focus on the
topic of money, but this time there will be major changes , from which there will
be three playable characters : Michael , Trevor and Franklin.
Michael is a forty year old former bank robber protected by FIB (the counterparty
FBI ) as he entered the witness protection program . He has a wife , Amanda, who
spends all his savings , and two children, Tracy and Jimmy with which he has
complicated relations . Despite having a beautiful house and great privileges ,
Michael is an unhappy man and will try to return to the underworld scene hoping to
find himself.
Trevor is a forty year old former airline pilot who lives in a trailer in Blaine
County, which is a slum on the outskirts of Los Santos. Not very stable at the
psychological level and drug addict , he is a manufacturer and dealer of
methamphetamine and friend of Michael , with whom he shares some robberies made ​​in
the past .
Franklin is the youngest of the three characters , is African -American , 25 years
old and is full of ambition . He works for a car dealership and takes care of
recovering the cars sold when the Customer fails to make due payment. He came to know Michael
during a robbery .

The gameplay
In GTA 5 will therefore be available for the first time , three
characters instead of one. During a mission, and in their free time , the player
can freely switch between characters , with a menu and whenever you want (except
for some specific missions ) . When a character is not under the direct control of
the user, will take care of their usual daily commitments and therefore, by choosing,
you will discover what he was doing at the time. Each of the three will have their
savings , their weapons , missions, shelters , mini-games and material goods. In
this sense, Rockstar offers a great variety in the game, since you will be able to
handle a mission under different perspectives: for example , you can use a
character from the outside to eliminate enemies during a specific mission , then
go back inside the ‘ building with a second character. Guaranteed a life so much
adrenaline and intriguing , from every perspective. There will be no romantic
relationships , but there will still be the friends of the respective protagonists
with whom you can interact .

Similarly to what happened in Red Dead Redemption , developed by Rockstar Games
there will be random events : wandering around Los Santos or one
of the surrounding areas , you may encounter in such events , and you can decide
whether to participate or not . For example, it may happen that you witness the theft of an
old and decide to defend it, find someone who asked for a ride , find an
abandoned vehicle in the desert with the bodies inside and much more.
In the next installment of the series will be available to the player many mini-
games to spend your free time . Among the secondary activities , in addition to
just wander around with one of the many vehicles that can be used , you will be
skydiving, jet skiing , golf, tennis , triathlon, cycling and more.
As announced by Rockstar , the longevity of GTA 5 will be between 25 and 30 hours
of gameplay , not to mention the hours spent wandering through the immense area .
The vehicles
The vast game world of GTA 5 will be explored with the largest range of vehicles
ever created by Rockstar for a title in the series. Among these means there will
be cars, road bikes and mountain bikes , BMX , bike, truck, quad , trains,
elicotterei , planes, scuba suit to use for diving, military jets and a helicopter
gunship . So the choice is really wide .

The new installment of the series action / adventure game will be characterized by
realism : city environments , major and minor characters , vehicles and all other
details will be more carefully than ever. Also improved physics and texture. To
achieve GTA 5, Rockstar has used an updated version of RAGE graphics engine
combined with the Euphoria physics engine , which is also improved and can provide
much more realistic animations and movements .